Trust Jacker Review

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Trust Jacker

trust jackerOnce in a while there comes a product that once you start using it you can’t let go of it, and wonder how did you live without it all these years. Some of the examples are cars, computers, cellphones and so on. In the internet marketing world it’s the tools that hold the same meaning, and trustjacker is definitely one of them.

Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones, the creators of this unique system has stumbled upon something quite extraordinary.  A legit and ethical way to borrow or  sort of “jack” the authority and trust of some of the biggest websites out there and use it for your advantage.

One of my favorite ways to use it, and there are hundreds of ways, is backing my own  claims.  For example if you were writing a piece about some kind of breakthrough in personal health, you would most likely use quotes from experts or doctors in the particular field and/or link to them.

That’s a great practice but not very practical if you want to be profitable online. Because let’s face it, once some body clicks of your page he/she might never come back.  with  trust jacker you don’t have to worry about this as now you’ll be able to link to any page on the website while still keeping the visitor.

But Trust Jacker Is Much More

It really does much more than just keep your visitor on your site, and while I will not go through all the features (just watch the video) it’s truly amazing. You can do even a pop up that will appear while your person is reading the other page. This way you will never lose a lead again with trust jacker.

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